Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

Warning: I have no time for punctuation or grammar. I apologize.
If I had a facebook my status would be: TRUE LIFE: I'm wearing 10 shirts.
Moving on... I want everyone to know how grateful I am for all the letters and support!! I love you all!! Ok so this week was like a real MTC week! We literally spend 10 hours a day on language alone. Then at least 2 hours studying the gospel on our own and other stuff mixed in. I am praying for all of you at home every single day and night. Today I got to do a session in the Provo temple it was awesome but made me miss the Las Vegas temple. I love it there. Sometimes when i walk accross the street to the field for exercise or to the temple i think of how cool it would be if one of my provo friends happened to drive or run by. then i snap back to reality. I got to go to the MTC choir on Sunday and it was seriously amazing. we can't listen to music here so it helps me get my music fix. I'm literally dying. the MTC choir is unfortunately not singing in conference this fall so that is a bummer. ok so on to fun facts slash quotes slash experiences from this week:
Things i hear in the hallways of the MTC: (these are direct quotes mind you)
"I think im gonna ask my parents to send me my Zac Efron shirt. Then I can wear it every night" ----- bless him
Elder 1: so excited, "dude! where'd you get that pocket protector?!"
Elder 2: soooo coooooool, "ohh... just in the bookstore for a solid 70 cents"
if you dont think these are funny its fine i do. i have to do something to keep myself entertained.
Oh yes, as for the elder who told me we are related. this week he informed me we are not. so dont worry. apparently grandma bergquist and his grandma have been besties for a million years... oh well.
Quotes from my companion:
"I wanna like, half swear right now!"
that's all i have for this week in companion quotes but dont worry they get better every day.
fun fact: i gave 2 elder's in my district Aleah's address. #yourewelcome #imsofunny
i peed everywhere. It was honestly one of the coolest experiences i have ever had. he talked to us about a lot of things but honestly i only have 4 more minutes so i have to cut this email short! im so saddddd!!! there is so so so much to tell you ! oh well.
Japanese is getting better. still so hard though. and our sensei still only speaks in Japanese. Also, our sacrament meeting is in Japanese. coolineverknowwhatsgoingon but dont doubt when other people laugh about something said in japanese and i have no idea qwhat they are saying i totes do my debra laugh.
okay i love you all. please respond via dear elder so i can have your address slash actually have time to read the letters and to respond in email. LOVE LOVE LOVE
gossip girl
i mean... miss tokyo 2012

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