Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Yep, that's right I totes wore a kimono this week!!!! In the summertime in Japan they have various summer festivals all over the country. We went to one with a couple of our investigators and they let us wear their kimonos!!! So kimonos are like a pbd. Like it takes at least 20 minutes to put it on. There is a very specific method of putting them on and a lot of times you have to be specially trained to know how to do it. So it was an amazing opportunity for us to be able to experience!!! It was 1000 degrees of Japanese cultural fun!!! I will never forget it!
So the other night we were housing, (knocking doors) and it was about 7:30 at night and we were not too far from our apartment. So our neighborhood is super dark and doesn't have very many street lights. It is also right next to a huge park that is very jungle-like and had who knows what kind of creatures living in it. Hence the reason there are so many mosquitos eating me on the daily. So we were doin our thang and we get to a less active member's house. We get to the porch and I stop DEAD in my tracks. I could not move. I could bearly get out the words "what. is. that?!" It was a GIGANTIC like bigger than I have ever seen in my entire existence even on animal planet SPIDER. Terrifying. So then we get to another apartment complex and walk around the side to see a cockaroach literally as big as my palm. My companion had to help me through this one. I ran as fast as I could past the mutantly huge creature and safely made it to the other side. Lesson learned: Japan has giant bugs that I am not too fond of. That was kind of a pointless story but whatevzzz.
Anyway yesterday during church we were sitting there minding our own business and all the sudden we got a new ward mission leader!! I know you hear that and are like.. so what? But that is a big deal to missionaries. We had absolutely NO idea. BUT we are excited to work with our new ward mission leader!
Speaking of new, with our new mission president there has come a lot of new ideas, methods, themes, etc. It has opened my eyes a lot and made me think deeper about why I am a missionary and what this is all about. Something that I have been thinking A LOT about lately is how desperately these people, and everyone for that matter, need Jesus Christ. My purpose as a missionary is to help others come unto Christ because that is what happiness is all about. Christ is where all true, pure joy stems from. It is through Him that we can be happy despite ANYTHING. I have just thought a lot about how I want to become more Christ-centered in my life and truly emulate the qualities He has. I know it is a lifelong pursuit but I wouldn't want to pursue anything else. I love my Savior so much. I know he died for you and for me and for every single tiny little Asian I meet every day. His love surpasses anything and everything. He is beckoning and wants us to rest in His glory. I am so grateful that I KNOW that. I am so grateful that no one can take that knowledge away from me. No huge hill or mutant bug can stop me from trying to tell others the good news of our older brother Jesus Christ. I love it!
Which brings me to my next point, I love it so much that I have decided to extend my mission! Now they only let us do that for an extra transfer so I will be coming home in March instead of February but I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing than serving the Lord for an extra 6 weeks as a missionary in Japan!
I love all of you! My prayers are with you!
Love love

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

the first picture is a picture to remind you all that yes, I am still me. annnnddd furthermore I am rubbing off on all the asians whom I ADORE.
the second picture is a JUNGLE that we rode through yesterday and is the cause of the over 30 bug bites I have all over my body currently. It's awesome.
third picture... You know you're a missionary when on a rainy day when you didn't wear your rain shoes you resort to tying plastic bags around your shoes so they don't get wet. That is our apartment in the background and yes a field of who knows what to my right. Cats are always fighting in that field. It is quite eerie.  
So kinda funny story, the other day we were at this lady's house and she was being so kind and brings us some sweet potatoes from her garden to eat. Sweet potatoes are a pbd here by the way.. they are delicious too. Anyway she sets them down in front of us and we start eating them of course because you have to eat every morsel of food that is set in front of you in this country or else it is extremely rude. It started out fine. I was happy to have a break from sipping on the wheat tea that had a little bug floating in it and I believe a few of her dog's hairs. The first few bites were delicious and then... it happened. The next bite I took was full on ROTTEN. I couldn't describe to you the taste in words even if I WANTED to make you throw up upon reading it. It was rancid. And its like, there is nothing we can do, we have to finish it. So the lady walks away to go get us some more delicious wheat tea and we both look at each other and are like, what do we do what do we do we CAN'T eat this!!!!! We look around and spot my companion's backpack. Well before we could do anything she comes back! So we had to keep nibbling on the rotten potato. Well luckily, she left again and don't doubt as fast as we could we shoved it all in my companion's backpack. It was quite traumatic. Obviously if you know me at all you know that I am making this more dramatic than it needs to be but hey, it's funner that way!
Well, that's my story of the week... Let's see...
Welp... I got nothin!!!!
The Church is true! We have the TRUTH!!!! The ONLY way to true happiness!!! I feel so blessed!!!!
Love you all!
Love love love


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

Greetings from a whole lot of heat and humidity!!!!
Let's start with the first attached picture. Yes ladies and gentlemen THAT is a GIANT cockaroach that was found in my apartment last night. We came in, turned the lights on, and my companion spotted a giant black thing scurrying accross the kitchen floor. It ran under our fridge and I was NOT having a large, alive creature crawling around ESPECIALLY when we sleep on the floor. So, I went and got our futon beater which is used to beat all the dust and stuff out of the little mats that we sleep on. It sounds ghetto I know, that's because it is.. Anyway, I got the beater and stuck it under the fridge to coax the little deamon out from under it. (mind you my face was very close to the ground). The giant BEAST comes running out from under the fridge for sure trying to kill me and I used my killer instincts (thanks dad) and whacked it dead in it's tracks. The picture is the aftermath.
Picture number two: I am not proud of this. Yes, that is from a long day of preachin the gospel on the streets of Japan. Did I not really know what to do with myself because I have NEVER gotten burned like that? yes. Is my hair in one straight up french braid? yes. This is what happens when you get whiter than you have ever been and then it becomes summer. Let's just say when I take my shirt off it still looks like I'm wearing a shirt. Apparently I need to get better aquainted with sunscreen. Also in case you were wondering I still get ITCHY bug bites every day. Just in case you wanted to know.
Welp we had transfers and my companion and I are both staying in Hodogaya!!! This will be only the second companion that I have had for more than one transfer. We are excited to still be companions! I love her! By some wonderfuly blessing from God, every single one of my companions and I have become legit BESTIES. (btw I learned legit in Japanese the other day.. yes, I am still learing.. slow and steady wins the race) Anyway, the Lord has CERTAINLY spoiled me with my companions. That being said, we will see what happens.. haha
This week we had a conference with our new mission president President Budge. It was so good to meet him and have an interview with him and get to know him. It was really cool as he was giving us a training and introducing his vision for the mission and his family and stuff I just felt an overwhelming confirmation that I was supposed to be here in this mission at this time to be able to serve with President Budge. They say you don't get called to a mission, you get called to a mission president and I know that there are many reasons President Budge is the new mission president but one of them is especially for me. It is times like this when I just get another little witness that God has a specific plan for me and He specifically knows me and loves me. I LOVE THAT!!! I feel lucky to be able to say that I KNOW there is a God in heaven who knows ME and loves ME.
Anyway, that was this week!!! Have a great week!!!!! Take a dip in the pool for me!!
LOVE love love,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012

This week has been so crazy and so hot!! Apparently it is not even hot yet here though.. We'll see!
Soooo let's start from the 4th of July...
We got to go to the American base in my zone for the 4th of July and went to a barbeque that the military english branch held.
Yes, that means I had LEGIT American food like from America on the 4th of July. It was needless to say, a dream. The attached
picture is of a bowl of cookies that I almost single handedly took care of myself. You KNOW how much I love cookies and to say
Japanese cookies are just not the same is an understatement. So I had some cookies, a hamburger and and IBC rootbeer out of
a bottle for America's day of birth. It was quite fulfilling I'll tell ya. Also I met a bunch of cute American children there and realized
how different American kids are from Japanese kids. I love em all alike though. A little girl I met there was like, "Hello, my name is
Josaline but my silly name is bubbles." We were best friends instantly. Also I got all the little girls from the ward to say they were
going to go on a mission when they got older. Woo!! The other attached picture is of a few of the missionaries from my zone who
came to the base to celebrate the 4th. You could say Elder Kim (the Asian who is actually Korean) had his first rack of BBQ ribs.
I also had the chance this week to work at an International Book Fair. This is what I get for serving in Tokyo Japan. We went to a HUGE
convention center (I'll send pics of that later) and had a booth in a book fair. It was pretty legit. We handed out Books of Mormon like
they were candy! I loved it! I also got to meet some very unique people from all around the world. I talked to this man from Pakistan
for like 15 minutes about how I need to be more bold about calling these Japanese people to repentance so that I can save more \
people. He was interesting. Anyway there are pictures of the whole thing on The Church's facebook site. It might be just the Japan
one, I'm not sure....
This was good.... the other day my companion and I were on the train platform about to get on a train and I asked the lady next to
me if we were getting on the right train. She was checking her phone or something and I was waiting for her when all the sudden I hear
the train doors close and turn around to see my companion on the train WITHOUT me. hahahahaha I quickly mouthed to her "WAIT
FOR ME" as in, wait at the next stop. Then the train took of with my companion! I just laughed SO HARD and the lady next to me
clearly would never be able to understand why that was so funny. Anyway, I got on the next train and my companion was waiting for
me at the next stop. It was hilarious!!! A little bit weird to think that is the longest I have been alone since last August. Pretty crazy!
Well that is all the recap I have for you now but just know that I KNOW for a fact that I am where I am supposed to be, meeting the
people I am supposed to meet, and growing in ways I could have never imagined. I love this gospel and I love watching people's lives
change because of it!!!
Have a great week!!!
love love love
ps. please pardon my poor grammar and spelling. as many of you may know, when you learn a new language, your old one gets bad.

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Please don't hate me when I say, I legit do not have much time at all to write. So, let me give you some hilights from this week.
My companion and I got haircuts today. She chopped her hair off to a bob. I got a trim. Yesterday, when we told one of our investigators that my companion was going to cut her hair off, she cried. Full on tears. Japanese people like blonde hair.
Today we were giving out fliers at the train station and all the sudden appears a man sitting on a rail watching us and eating a subway sandwich (yes they have that here, not even CLOSE to American Subway) he called me over and informed me that I was "sinful" mind you, this is in broken english. Then he told me that I was sinful because I was so beautiful. He then asked me if we were messengers from Satan because we were such temptations. I of course informed him that we were quite the opposite. He continued to watch for a while and say uncomfortable things and then as he left he said "My mind was at peace until I saw you". I apoligized and that was that! I love the people you meet on a mission!!!! It's always an adventure!
Lastly, yesterday I was sitting in church and there was a less active couple that came and they were starting to leave halfway through the meeting. They went out the door and after about a minute I thought, I need to go after them and talk to them. So, I did! We went out and like chased after them in the parking lot. We talked to them for a second and the wife started crying! She told us she was touched that we would come out after her and she could feel a lot of love from us. I talked to her husband today and he asked me why we came out, why them, what makes them special. I told him that it was God's guidance. I had no idea why I was running after these people who left church early yesterday but I did it because I FELT that I should. Turns out this woman has been having a really hard trial of some sort and it was perfect timing that we just came out and showed care and love. Point is, you never know when a phone call or a hug or a hello will make all the WORLD of a difference. SO never hesitate to give a smile here or there or a telephone call to an old friend. It counts!!!
gossip girl
Ps. sorry no pic this week!