Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

the first picture is a picture to remind you all that yes, I am still me. annnnddd furthermore I am rubbing off on all the asians whom I ADORE.
the second picture is a JUNGLE that we rode through yesterday and is the cause of the over 30 bug bites I have all over my body currently. It's awesome.
third picture... You know you're a missionary when on a rainy day when you didn't wear your rain shoes you resort to tying plastic bags around your shoes so they don't get wet. That is our apartment in the background and yes a field of who knows what to my right. Cats are always fighting in that field. It is quite eerie.  
So kinda funny story, the other day we were at this lady's house and she was being so kind and brings us some sweet potatoes from her garden to eat. Sweet potatoes are a pbd here by the way.. they are delicious too. Anyway she sets them down in front of us and we start eating them of course because you have to eat every morsel of food that is set in front of you in this country or else it is extremely rude. It started out fine. I was happy to have a break from sipping on the wheat tea that had a little bug floating in it and I believe a few of her dog's hairs. The first few bites were delicious and then... it happened. The next bite I took was full on ROTTEN. I couldn't describe to you the taste in words even if I WANTED to make you throw up upon reading it. It was rancid. And its like, there is nothing we can do, we have to finish it. So the lady walks away to go get us some more delicious wheat tea and we both look at each other and are like, what do we do what do we do we CAN'T eat this!!!!! We look around and spot my companion's backpack. Well before we could do anything she comes back! So we had to keep nibbling on the rotten potato. Well luckily, she left again and don't doubt as fast as we could we shoved it all in my companion's backpack. It was quite traumatic. Obviously if you know me at all you know that I am making this more dramatic than it needs to be but hey, it's funner that way!
Well, that's my story of the week... Let's see...
Welp... I got nothin!!!!
The Church is true! We have the TRUTH!!!! The ONLY way to true happiness!!! I feel so blessed!!!!
Love you all!
Love love love


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