Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

Greetings from a whole lot of heat and humidity!!!!
Let's start with the first attached picture. Yes ladies and gentlemen THAT is a GIANT cockaroach that was found in my apartment last night. We came in, turned the lights on, and my companion spotted a giant black thing scurrying accross the kitchen floor. It ran under our fridge and I was NOT having a large, alive creature crawling around ESPECIALLY when we sleep on the floor. So, I went and got our futon beater which is used to beat all the dust and stuff out of the little mats that we sleep on. It sounds ghetto I know, that's because it is.. Anyway, I got the beater and stuck it under the fridge to coax the little deamon out from under it. (mind you my face was very close to the ground). The giant BEAST comes running out from under the fridge for sure trying to kill me and I used my killer instincts (thanks dad) and whacked it dead in it's tracks. The picture is the aftermath.
Picture number two: I am not proud of this. Yes, that is from a long day of preachin the gospel on the streets of Japan. Did I not really know what to do with myself because I have NEVER gotten burned like that? yes. Is my hair in one straight up french braid? yes. This is what happens when you get whiter than you have ever been and then it becomes summer. Let's just say when I take my shirt off it still looks like I'm wearing a shirt. Apparently I need to get better aquainted with sunscreen. Also in case you were wondering I still get ITCHY bug bites every day. Just in case you wanted to know.
Welp we had transfers and my companion and I are both staying in Hodogaya!!! This will be only the second companion that I have had for more than one transfer. We are excited to still be companions! I love her! By some wonderfuly blessing from God, every single one of my companions and I have become legit BESTIES. (btw I learned legit in Japanese the other day.. yes, I am still learing.. slow and steady wins the race) Anyway, the Lord has CERTAINLY spoiled me with my companions. That being said, we will see what happens.. haha
This week we had a conference with our new mission president President Budge. It was so good to meet him and have an interview with him and get to know him. It was really cool as he was giving us a training and introducing his vision for the mission and his family and stuff I just felt an overwhelming confirmation that I was supposed to be here in this mission at this time to be able to serve with President Budge. They say you don't get called to a mission, you get called to a mission president and I know that there are many reasons President Budge is the new mission president but one of them is especially for me. It is times like this when I just get another little witness that God has a specific plan for me and He specifically knows me and loves me. I LOVE THAT!!! I feel lucky to be able to say that I KNOW there is a God in heaven who knows ME and loves ME.
Anyway, that was this week!!! Have a great week!!!!! Take a dip in the pool for me!!
LOVE love love,

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