Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012

This week has been so crazy and so hot!! Apparently it is not even hot yet here though.. We'll see!
Soooo let's start from the 4th of July...
We got to go to the American base in my zone for the 4th of July and went to a barbeque that the military english branch held.
Yes, that means I had LEGIT American food like from America on the 4th of July. It was needless to say, a dream. The attached
picture is of a bowl of cookies that I almost single handedly took care of myself. You KNOW how much I love cookies and to say
Japanese cookies are just not the same is an understatement. So I had some cookies, a hamburger and and IBC rootbeer out of
a bottle for America's day of birth. It was quite fulfilling I'll tell ya. Also I met a bunch of cute American children there and realized
how different American kids are from Japanese kids. I love em all alike though. A little girl I met there was like, "Hello, my name is
Josaline but my silly name is bubbles." We were best friends instantly. Also I got all the little girls from the ward to say they were
going to go on a mission when they got older. Woo!! The other attached picture is of a few of the missionaries from my zone who
came to the base to celebrate the 4th. You could say Elder Kim (the Asian who is actually Korean) had his first rack of BBQ ribs.
I also had the chance this week to work at an International Book Fair. This is what I get for serving in Tokyo Japan. We went to a HUGE
convention center (I'll send pics of that later) and had a booth in a book fair. It was pretty legit. We handed out Books of Mormon like
they were candy! I loved it! I also got to meet some very unique people from all around the world. I talked to this man from Pakistan
for like 15 minutes about how I need to be more bold about calling these Japanese people to repentance so that I can save more \
people. He was interesting. Anyway there are pictures of the whole thing on The Church's facebook site. It might be just the Japan
one, I'm not sure....
This was good.... the other day my companion and I were on the train platform about to get on a train and I asked the lady next to
me if we were getting on the right train. She was checking her phone or something and I was waiting for her when all the sudden I hear
the train doors close and turn around to see my companion on the train WITHOUT me. hahahahaha I quickly mouthed to her "WAIT
FOR ME" as in, wait at the next stop. Then the train took of with my companion! I just laughed SO HARD and the lady next to me
clearly would never be able to understand why that was so funny. Anyway, I got on the next train and my companion was waiting for
me at the next stop. It was hilarious!!! A little bit weird to think that is the longest I have been alone since last August. Pretty crazy!
Well that is all the recap I have for you now but just know that I KNOW for a fact that I am where I am supposed to be, meeting the
people I am supposed to meet, and growing in ways I could have never imagined. I love this gospel and I love watching people's lives
change because of it!!!
Have a great week!!!
love love love
ps. please pardon my poor grammar and spelling. as many of you may know, when you learn a new language, your old one gets bad.

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