Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Please don't hate me when I say, I legit do not have much time at all to write. So, let me give you some hilights from this week.
My companion and I got haircuts today. She chopped her hair off to a bob. I got a trim. Yesterday, when we told one of our investigators that my companion was going to cut her hair off, she cried. Full on tears. Japanese people like blonde hair.
Today we were giving out fliers at the train station and all the sudden appears a man sitting on a rail watching us and eating a subway sandwich (yes they have that here, not even CLOSE to American Subway) he called me over and informed me that I was "sinful" mind you, this is in broken english. Then he told me that I was sinful because I was so beautiful. He then asked me if we were messengers from Satan because we were such temptations. I of course informed him that we were quite the opposite. He continued to watch for a while and say uncomfortable things and then as he left he said "My mind was at peace until I saw you". I apoligized and that was that! I love the people you meet on a mission!!!! It's always an adventure!
Lastly, yesterday I was sitting in church and there was a less active couple that came and they were starting to leave halfway through the meeting. They went out the door and after about a minute I thought, I need to go after them and talk to them. So, I did! We went out and like chased after them in the parking lot. We talked to them for a second and the wife started crying! She told us she was touched that we would come out after her and she could feel a lot of love from us. I talked to her husband today and he asked me why we came out, why them, what makes them special. I told him that it was God's guidance. I had no idea why I was running after these people who left church early yesterday but I did it because I FELT that I should. Turns out this woman has been having a really hard trial of some sort and it was perfect timing that we just came out and showed care and love. Point is, you never know when a phone call or a hug or a hello will make all the WORLD of a difference. SO never hesitate to give a smile here or there or a telephone call to an old friend. It counts!!!
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Ps. sorry no pic this week!

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