Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 28, 2011

Attention EVERYONE!
ニホン 似 息ます!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am going to Japan!!! I got my travel plans and my flight leaves from SLC on November 7th at 8:31am. I fly to LAX and have a layover from 9:30 to 11:30 and at that time I get to call my family!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear all of your voices!! so be ready to be on the phone at that time family!! After LAX we leave at 11:25am on november 7th and get to Japan at 4:40pm on November 8th. Crazy huh!? (feel free to send me coloring books or a nice sedative...) haha jkjk but real about the coloring books.
okay so this week was great!! I taught one of the Japanese sisters to say "ballin" as she shoots the ball in basketball. That was hilarious to me. I love teaching them english slang it's hilarious. and you should see the reaction they give when i show them pictures of me working at Disneyland. they literally die. I feel like I was always meant to be amongst Japanese people. they accept me. hahaha
Nothing else to new going on.. same ol same ol... yesterday in a lesson we were asking our investigator if he has ever committed a serious crime (baptismal interview questions) and he said "nai to omoimasu" which means "no, i think" but we thought he said "hai, to omoimasu" which means YES. ahahaha so we were like ohhhhhh ummmmmmm what did you do? (this is all in japanese btw) and he was like, ummm what was your question again? hahhahaha it was so funny. In the same lesson my companion also asked him if he thought the word of wisdom was delicious on accident. hahaha needless to say my Japanese obvi is not perfect yet...
Well, I love you all! I know the church is true and it brings me such JOY!!!!!!!!!!!
I sent home my address for Japan so you can start sending letters there. CRAZYYYY!!!
soon to be in Japan gossip girl,
Sister Swainston

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