Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

Week two!!!!
Ok so... Tokyo happenings... I got my bike this week, the first few days I legit could not sit down I was bruised. No major accidents yet just kind of had a situation with a pole the other day. All in a days work!! We had a big Thanksgiving activity this week for our Eikaiwa (that is the english class we teach) students. It was fun. Don't doubt I had them all make hand turkeys and write on the fingers things they are thankful for. Didn't think I would ever use my stu-co craft making ablilities again did you? Fun fact, JAPANESE IS SO HARD. Sometimes it gets the best of me but mostly it is okay. Sometimes in lessons I legit have no idea what is going on but I can always feel the spirit. Honestly so many times I find myself crying because I feel the spirit and I don't even know why. (besides the whole ihavenoideawhatanyoneissaying thing.) I ate McDonalds this week. (had to). It tasted the same and the portion sizes were the same. Don't doubt I got a full on BIG MAC. haha Sadly to report, they don't serve McDonald's cookies. I WAS SO SAD. I'll live. One fun fun fun thing we did this week was go to an elementary school and make mochi (rice cakes) with them! It was for a cultural exchange event for the embassy. It was so fun to play with the Japanese kids. I asked them if they liked American music and one of the girls told me she loved Hannah Montana so I of course sang it for her. We had quite the downpour of rain and I definitely felt like a missionary walking everywhere in the rain getting SOAKED. It is times like that that make a mission so FUN!!! It was windy and rainy and I believe we broke 3 umbrellas throughout the day. We were laughing so hard. Today I went to Forever 21 AND H&M with a potential investigator. It rocked I was in heaven. I believe forever had like 7 floors what. a. dream. So last night we were streeting (which is when you just go talk to random people on the street about the gospel) and we were talking to this one lady about mountains and snow (at the time I had no idea this is what we were talking about) and then my companion was like yeah Sister Swainston, Las Vegas doesn't really have snow right? and I was like no we have snow! The whole time I thought the word for snow was actually the word for mountains so obviously I looked really dumb. Again, times like that make the mission all the better. One day I will be able to look back at that and laugh. ANYWAYS!!!!! I gotta go PREACH and I love it!! I love all of you and I love these Japanese people so hard!!!! OHHHHH almost forgot, today we went over to this lady's house who is 82 years old and has green hair. She is so fun and so nice. A lot of older women here have full on neon hair it is so funny.. anyways.. that made me laugh so I thought I would share...
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ps the picture is of us missionaries and our Eikaiwa class! FUN!

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