Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hello world and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

SOOOO in your first two transfers you are supposed to have the same companion and they are supposed to train you for those two transfers. Well, transfers were yesterday and yep don't doubt it my trainer got transfered. So now I am the one with the knowledge of this area and I definitely got a Japanese companion. YEP!!! You better believe it! It is hilarious!! I don't know Japanese and she sure doesn't know English!! Her name is Mizoguchi Shimai and she is from Fukuoka. We already decided that after our missions she is going to come to Las Vegas. She is so excited and by then I will be able to understand slash translate for everyone. HAHAHAHA It is quite the adventure. Nonetheless, the Lord knows what we need! And I know that this is a blessing because she will actually be able to understand our investigators! BTW Christmas is on a Sunday so we only have an hour of church and we have a baptism after! Well it is the elder's baptism but we are really hoping a bunch of our investigators will come to church and then see the baptism and then maybe hop in too! haha jk but we are praying they will come! Anyways, as usual I have no time. But, I love Japan!

OH! and i got my Christmas package, SO EXCITED!!! I will have something to open on Christmas!! We no longer have a paper Christmas tree because my former companion took it with her when she transfered but that's ok!! We still have Christmas spirit! OH and in my package was a jumprope... im not sure what my family is trying to tell me but yes, I do already have rice cheeks. When a Japanese person tells you to keep eating, you do not decline. Oh well!! hahaha



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