Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

This week... hmmmmmm
Today I went to the imperial palace. it was huge and really cool. Sometimes I seriously still can't believe that I am a missionary and then I get on a bike, in a skirt, and then it starts raining as I am biking up the hilly streets of Tokyo, and THEN I find myself singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives in the midst of all of that (don't doubt people I ride by have told me to shhhh a few times). It is then that I think to myself, yep, im definitely a missionary. AND PROUD OF IT!! hahaha
A funny thing about Japan is the trains slash subways. In the morning they have rush hour but it is with people. One morning we got on the train during rush hour and it was literally so jam packed that I could have picked up my feet and have still stayed up. You get REAL close to everyone around you. And another thing, NO ONE speaks on trains! It is insane!! there are sooo many people on the train and it is silent... Probably wouldn't happen in America. I am always the loud American on trains I think.
Our apartment is all decorated for Christmas and I love it!! (I hope you aren't imagining any good decorations because if you are, you are wrong). It is kinda pathetic but it is Christmas nonetheless!!!
A member gave us REAL CEREAL!!!!!! from the military compound. MADE. MY. DAY.
What else.... I had so much to say but I left my planner at a member's home!! (yes, I do feel EXTREMELY naked without it) but that is where I write things down that I want to remember to email about.. Anyway....
Sorry this week was so short.

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