Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Happy Happy Father's Day to all!!
Father's day is not a big deal at all here in Japan but luckily I found this GEM of a Father's Day banner at our local Japan version of Wal-mart. We gave our bishop a little card for Father's day since he is the Father of the ward and he was like oh yeah that's today? I forgot! So that tells you a little bit about how important it is here..
You know you're a missionary moment:
You know you're a missionary when you.... hesitate putting princess stickers on a letter you are sending to the mission office because all of the princesses are immodest. (only Snow White made it on).
yep. that's real.
You know you're a missionary when you... include eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as one of the Lord's tender mercies for the day.
Those were a few I experienced this week. On Saturday I got to go to a baptism of one of our friends in another area who got baptized. It was amazing!!! I love seeing baptisms! Every time I get to see someone get baptized and then see the glow they have about them afterward it reaffirms the reason I am on a mission. The happiness that this church, that Jesus Christ can bring matters more than ANYTHING. I have come to realize that more and more with every day that passes of my mission. The things I thought mattered before my mission, 97% of them have absolutely no worth in the grand scheme of things. The gospel is what matters. Eternal truths are what matters. Not homework. Not TV. Not shopping, idk I forgot what matters to people in the real world.. BUT if you were to take a step back and think about what you spend most of your time doing and then think about if that thing you spend most of your time doing will matter when you die, when you stand in front of your maker, priorities might change a little. I don't even know where that came from but that is my thought of the day I guess! haha
The second picture attached is of this laundry detergent I found today! Thought it was cool to see Ariel written out. I feel like I haven't seen and or heard that name in a long time! I don't think it will let me send any more than 2 pictures but just get excited for this summer because my companion and I have decided to take summer pics of how DISGUSTINGly beautiful the Japan heat slash humidity makes us look!
Love you all!

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