Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Hello Americans!
(that is what my district leader says to my companion and I every night on the phone. He is Korean. I am obsessed with him and his Engrish.)
So... this week... Well as my subject implies, it is getting hotter everyday, therefore the humidity is getting more smothering every day, therefore I have begun to be eaten by mosquitos every day. Apparently I'm delicious because despite the really good smelling bug spray my companion and I so liberally apply each day, we still get eaten. It rocks. In a not at all my legs are splotchy and unbearably itchy sort of way. Nevertheless, it could be much worse!!! I thought about that this week as I was thinking about what it must be like to serve in like Brazil and then I compared it to here where I have a toilet complete with seat heater and bidet options in my apartment. Life is good. I am one spoiled missionary.
With transfers this past week I had to put together my bike which I am very proud of by the way but as you can tell by the attached picture, it wasn't after some struggle with some dirt and grease till I finally succeeded. Just imagine me in a skirt trying to put together a bike. It was priceless. (ps the clock on the wall in the picture was a birthday gift from a few of the elders in my mission. yep. keepin that forever.) anyway, Getting my bike put together also meant that I got to get a feel for the streets of my new area for the first time. Please just think of the largest hill you have ever seen and you've got every single street in my area. It is soooooo awesome. Luckily this just means my legs will get even more ripped and maybe I will start to loose some of the extra poundage that comes from an overload of rice.
Yesterday at church WE GOT PEANUTBUTTER FROM A MEMBER. I almost cried. It was a full on huge tub of costco peanut butter. Glorious I tell you Glorious. Even better than that we had an investigator come to church and after the Gospel Principles class (which by the way my companion and I taught and didn't know we were going to be teaching until in the opening prayer the person praying thanked God for us for giving the lesson) anyways we got out of the class and went to sacrament meeting (yes, it's last here) and she started sobbing. I was very concerned but happy to find out that it was because she felt bad because she hasn't been thanking God lately in her prayers. This lady is an ANGEL. She is so pure! I love her! I just met her this week and I already LOVE her!
Annnndddd before I go, one last story.
So my companion and I were walking home one day to eat dinner and we saw some middle school aged girls standing outside of their school. As we walked by they stared at us like they had never seen an American before (which is how everyone looks at us here). So, we walked over to them to give them fliers for our free English class. They were like giggling and stuff because we were talking to them and then they asked where we were from. I said Las Vegas and they all did the usual gasp. Then one girl asked us if we knew of Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus. I of course broke into the theme song of the Hannah Montana show and this girl no joke almost fell over dead. She started yelling at her middle school friends who were accross the school yard to come over, "miley cyrus miley cyrus!!!!!" (in a Japanese accent of course which i WISH i could imitate for you via email). Then she asked me if I knew High School Musical. She asked the right American. I said of course! Then I asked her which song she liked and she said What Time is IT. Then I proceeded sing the song while doing the dance to what time is it. This girl was reacting like I was Gabriella Montez herself. Then I told her that my friend has met Zac Efron before (heyyy Sierra) and I thought she was going to start crying. It was hilarious. Needless to say I am grateful for my extensive Disney knowledge. It really comes in handy here.
That's all for today!!! Happy Father's day soon slash Happy Birthday to my angel mother soon!!!!
love love love

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