Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life ROCKS!!!!!
No time no time sorry sorry! I'm doing the fastest email time of my life okay so here goes!
Picture number one: I'm obsessed with this picture mostly because I am obsessed with the people surrounding me in it. The one on my right is none other than our BISHOP. I LOVE THIS MAN. He is hilarious. Full on witty. And the other one is one of his couselors. They both ride their bikes to church every week. They are the bomb. We all had to take pics in our helmets. We're so cool.
Picture two: This is my current district. Each and every one of them so unique it hurts. I love every minute of District Meeting every week. It is like prime time television except a little more spiritual and no commercials or Ryan Seacrest. Love it!
Picture three: This is me at our local grocery store in the fish section that is bigger than all the other meat sections combined times 2 maybe. Anything you could ever imagine that comes from the ocean. What a dream. You may or may not notice but it just so happens that one of our investigators has a daughter who just so happens to do eyelash extensions. Don't doubt I went and got my eyelash extention on for p-day. That. Was also a dream. Told you I'd find them here. That pic is for you Jaycee.
Anyway, I'll let the pictures talk for this week. I love all of you, I love this work, and most of all, I love my Savior!!!
Until next week when I will most likely have a new companion!
love love,

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