Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012

This week was literally the bomb!!!!!!
Okay so we have an ivestigator named Chou san. She is the bomb. This is her story... My companion met her a few transfers ago on the street. She came up to my companion, saw her nametag that it said Jesus Christ and said to her "Jesus Christ, amen!" and then told my companion she wanted to learn and they exchanged numbers. Since then we have been trying to get in contact with this woman. We would call her ALL the time and she either wouldn't answer or couldn't understand a thing we were saying because she is Chinese and can't speak Japanese very well at all (don't doubt before my mission I thought Chinese and Japanese were like the same thing too). So we got one of our Chinese members to call her and even then it took a few weeks before we could finally get a meeting with her. So we met with her and our Chinese member and it was like a Japanese to Chinese to English translation game. We told her our purpose was to help her come unto Christ and asked if she wanted to meet again and she said yes but she would call our Chinese investigator when she wanted to meet because she is really busy which usually means "call you never".
BUT we had hope and patiently waited a couple of weeks until..... she called Qiu shimai!!!! (that's our Chinese member's name). We were by the train station one day about to get on our bikes to ride to visit a less acive and some potential investigators when we got a call from Qiu shimai. She told us that Chou san called and wanted to pray together so she was coming to Qiu shimai's house. She asked us to come over and of course we hopped on our bikes and got there as fast as we could. (despite my directionally challenged self which is a whole nother story in itself). So we get there and are soaking wet not from rain but from sweat and we wait. Well Chou san ended up not being able to make it but she told us she could come to church the next day when before she said it was too far!
Fast forward to the next day... we went and got Chou san from the station for church and she was literally giggling with excitement. We got to the church and sang a few hymns together before it started and she LOVED it. The first hour of our church is Relief Society so we started there and Chou san understood with the help of Qiu shimai translating for her. Fast forward to Sacrament Meeting. We were sitting down waiting for sacrament meeting to start and Qiu shimai taps my shoulder and is like, Chou san wants to get baptized! She said she wants to become a member of our church. She says she has been searching for a church since she got to Japan 5 years ago and today she feels like she found it. Of course this is literally the thing every missionary wants to hear. She started asking like who she needed to pay and exactly when she could get baptized, like how soon. Anyway we went on with sacrament meeting and it was fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was SO strong. Chou san was literally balling. After it was over she wanted to make a day to be baptized so we told her we had to teach her the lessons and stuff first and she was like okay I'm free whenever. Teach me. So we set up a lesson for almost every single day of this week and proposed for her baptismal date to be in 3 weeks and she was like no, I want it sooner. So, we have a baptism with Chou san in a week and a half!!!!!! We had her first lesson on Monday and Qiu shimai ended up not being able to come so literally by a MIRACLE we were able to teach her the first lesson. Ahhh!!! I wish I had time to tell more but obvi our schedule kinda filled up this week so we didn't really have time for p-day. I will tell more next week but just know that God is in the details!!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS WOMAN!!!!!
I love this work!!!
I love my Savior!!!!
love love,

ps if you didn't guess the picture is of my companion and I with Chou san. The room that we are in is our church's chapel. That was the night we taught her her first lesson. She was like jumping up and down excited.

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