Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 2012

Greetings all,
One foggy morning in Japan. This usually happens the day after it rains. It was especially foggy this day though. I took this picture when we went outside in the morning for exercise.

Some of the sisters whom I LOVE, We went to the temple today! We didn't make it into the missionary session because there were already too many people so they put us into the brides room to wait. Don't doubt I took that opportunity to do my companion's hair in a 90's prom up-do. It was fun. anywayZZ.. TWO of my previous companions are going home next week. I can't even believe it. It was so sad to say goodbye to Mizoguchi shimai because she lives in Japan and I won't be able to see her as much as my American companions. I totes cried. but you could have guessed that without me saying it.
This week I got a letter from a girl who I met in my first area. I believe I talked about her a long long time ago she was less active for a while.. She is one of those people I met in Japan and just KNEW that we told each other "see ya later!" in the pre-existence. BUT  Anyway, she sent me a letter and SHE IS GOING TO SERVE A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally sobbed upon receiving that letter. I LOVE HER!!!!! I am so happy for her! AHHH!
Anyways... so two days ago we had our ward PRIMARY PROGRAM and if you know me, you know I look forward to this ALL year long. I have been waiting a year to hear a primary program with Japanese little children and boy did it prove to be everything I ever hoped for. Hilarious. I was dying and I really wish that I could share with you some of the funny things that the little kids said but it just would not be funny in English. Let's just say children are the same all over the world. They scream sing here too.
This email is so lame but we never have time on transfer weeks or temple day. Today was temple day. Please forgive!
Exactly 6 weeks until Christmas!!!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. I found this quote on a gift bag in a convenience store today: actually I just attached the pic but in case you can't read it it says, "We're sleepy." then on the bottom it says, "but if you like having a good time wake us up. You lead us a fantasy world." that is what I like to call Engrish. it's the best.

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