Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

OKAY so today for P-Day we went to a Japanese temple so I legit have no time to email. Please forgive me!

First things first. I would like to request the CD Popcorn Bopping. Remember that one? I got it before my mission to jam out to but then didn't take it. But this just in, we are allowed to have it for morning exercise. I would like to teach my angel companion some sweet moves so if you would be so kind, please send that gem of a CD! :)
Next item of business, jkjk this isn't a meeting. But I'd like to explain my subject line (True Life: I Need to Learn to Speak Spanish). So our area has a gajillion Peruvians and Brazilians in it. I don't know why, but it's true. So we have a bunch of Spanish speakers in our ward and we meet Spanish speakers all the time. Even though I took Spanish in high school and all, since learning Japanese I have forgot most everything. I know, sad. Well one of the elders in my area is from Brazil so he speaks Spanish and Portuguese. So today the elders asked us to participate in their lesson with a Peruvian girl that one of the members in the ward referred. Needless to say, I didn't understand much. I felt like I was on my first transfer again just sitting there and smiling and nodding my head. The cool part is, even though I didn't understand the language that was being spoken, the spirit was SO strong. Like I didn't know what was really happening but I was literally trying my best to keep from crying. I didn't say a word but towards the end of the lesson after the elders extended a commitment to baptism she turned to me and asked me if I too would promise all of the blessings they were promising. After the Spanish speaking elder translated the question, I could just say, "si" and then I started CRYING. I was dying. Then the elders were like, you can say whatever you want, we will translate it. So all I could get out was that I don't know her very well at all and we don't speak the same language but I could feel SO MUCH love for her. Then I said "te amo". Haha But lately I have been praying to more understand the pure love of Christ and my prayer was CERTAINLY answered through that lesson. Prayer ROCKS. I love it. Also I asked my mission president if I could study Spanish too. Caleb, Melissa, Lynnette, any ideas?
Halloween: Didn't do anything Halloween-y. Except eat candy the elders gave us.
This week we did splits with another area and I went to a place called Kiryu. When I was there I met a Japanese version of CALEB. I was dying. Personality and all. THE SAME. I told him. He wants to meet Caleb. We took a picture together too. He served in California on his mission, Riverside. In the "ghetto" as he put it.
Today is Lexi's birthday. I realized it when I looked at the date this morning during personal study. Shout out to my babygurl!
On this past Thursday we started an activity in our ward called "outreach" where we have pretty much and FHE type thing and play games and stuff. It was our first time doing it and it went SO well! So many people came! And it was one of the little girls in our ward's birthday so I full on got to do her hair and make up. It was so fun. Who knew those kinds of talents could be used on a mission too?!!
LOVE from the Land of the Rising Sun

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