Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

Hello alll!
The picture attached is of my joy with my favorite cereal in America! (Don't doubt 3 of those boxes are already gone). Anyways, I thought of one more thing America needs to pick up on: HEATED CARPET!!! I went into a members house the other day and was standing for a minute and thought, my feet feel really warm, this is nice, my feet are always freezing. come to find out, they had heated carpet. apparently a common thing in Japan. LOVE IT. Ok so the other day on the train I met this lady who is a ballet teacher. I told her I have done ballet before and really like it. She was like, let's dance together I will teach you! So of course I was like, sure! I gave her our flier and we were on our way. Well she contacted us (rare) and long story short, on Saturday I will be doing a little bit of ballet with this woman. hilarious. this is going to be a trainwreck to remember. So we told her, since we are missionaries, if we do ballet then we need to teach her about our church and she was like, sure!! hahaha I can't wait. This is sure to be a unique experience. I'll let you know. #icantihaverehearsal..... Also earlier this week I jotted down a little note in my planner (I know my mom isn't going to like this sorry mom!): "I just told my companion 'I just threw up in my mouth' in Japanese without even thinking about how to say it first. just came out. I feel like I have arrived at a milestone in my Japanese progression." I felt really proud about that. haha ALSO, (this one is for Jessi): The other day I was coughing and my companion goes, "kobito ga iru no?" and i'm like, what is a kobito? So she eplains to me that a kobito is a dwarf or midget and younger Japanese people use it as like a little person who will go and do things while you're not looking. So she asked me if I had a midget in my throat.. hahaha mostly funny because of Jessi but you probably had to be there...
So this week we got a referral and went and visited her and were able to teach her the first lesson. We taught about God, and the Restoration. It was really awesome. It was one of those lessons where before you go into it you know it is going to be really important. You can just feel it. It was the point in the lesson when I was testifying to her that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer that she started to cry. It was so cool because I was looking into her eyes and it was like I could feel the spirit testify to her through me. I KNOW she felt that. And it was all through my simple Japanese. I loved it. Anyway, gotta go!! Next week Elder Oaks is coming to our mission!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Oh and I decided being a missionary is like being a professional stalker. so like I should be really good at it right?

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  1. You have so much energy and love in your posts! I absolutely love reading these!!