Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Ok so McDonald's here has a hamburger called the Las Vegas burger... I obvi need to try it... anyway,
So last night I got some manna from heaven. It came in the form of Jeff Peel (Melissa's brother) who came back home to Tokyo bearing gifts of 6 (yep thats right 6) boxes of my favorite cereal from my mother. Needless to say I wasn't quiet in my reaction. There is currently a tower of cereal on our kitchen table and my Japanese companion tried it this morning and said normally American cereal is weird because it is so sweet but she really liked this kind. YEP! (Oh's)
Anyways, so this week we were at a less active member's house and I had NO IDEA what this lady was saying. We were sitting on our knees in seiza so my feet were asleep and we were there for like an hour, me not understanding a word. I was getting pretty discouraged because lately I have been able to get the gist of most conversations. Nope. not this time. So we leave her house finally and I told my companion I didn't understand a word and she told me it was because the lady had a really heavy accent from Osaka. I was so relieved to know I am not a failure in Japanese.
A few things America needs to pick up on:
-Heated toilet seats
-Pan-yas (bread stores of the Gods)
-Puikura (photobooth on steroids, SO FUN)
-Karaoke (I know America does this too but it is 1,000 times better here)
I'm sure there is much more... I'll let you know when I think of it.
So we have an investigator who is a Jehovah's Witness and she is Chinese and her Japanese isn't very good. (yes, every lesson is unique indeed). BUT. we have been searching for a member who can speak Chinese to help us with our lessons and have been out of luck. Until this Sunday when miraculously there just happened to walk in a girl who just moved to Japan from Taiwan and speaks Chinese!!!!!!!!!! Just a little example of the blessings God places in our lives as missionaries.
I love this work so much!!!
The attached picture is of a full on CRAWFISH that I ate in its entirety. Yep. Head, brains, EYEBALLS, legs and all. The legs were the best part. Crunchy. I was ok but I was on exchanges and the companion I was with literally almost threw up. It was hilarious.


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  1. Hey there Ariel.
    It was so much fun to see you so excited about the pictures of Wyatt and Lane. But the way you exploded about he cereal was classic.
    That said, it had been I guess 6 weeks or so since we had seen you and the improvement in your Japanese was very impressive. Certainly helps to have a Japanese companion and be forced to speak the language. Your pronunciation is really good, so once you get the grammar down you will really be flying.

    We look forward to having you over again soon.

    The Peels.

    p.s. - it is Purikura, not Puikura.