Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Okay so we had transfers and I am still in Shibuya!! So is my companion!! I am SO HAPPY. I was so so nervous waiting to find out if I was being transferred or not. I am really excited for this transfer. It has only been two days and we have already seen so many miracles! Yesterday we were on our way to visit a member and this girl was on her bike riding past us. I said hello to her and she stopped and then we started talking about God and Jesus Christ. Most people have no idea who Jesus Christ is but we asked her anyway and she said that just that day she watched the movie Passion. It was really cool! So we were able to talk to her a lot about Christ and it was awesome!
So right now we have a three some companionship until tomorrow when we will drop off Mano Shimai (my senpai in the MTC that I was obsessed with) to pick up one of the new missionaries that she will be training. Our District Leader got transferred so on Saturday before he left my companion and I went to Burger King and got a crown and then wrote on it "Richmond sama" sama is a word they put after names to make them honorific like you put it after kings names and stuff. Anyway, after writing that I realize it probably isn't funny to people who don't get the Japanese. ANYWAYZZZ......
So one of our investigators who has been learning about the church for like 2 years has really been progressing lately! We met with her to teach her and before this point we were wondering if we were going to stop meeting with her because she was not really interested in the message she just liked meeting with us BUT we got into the lesson and the spirit was REALLY strong. We taught her about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Before the lesson ended we told her we wanted to share with her our testimonies so we each testified and then had her prayer. During her prayer, this was the FIRST time in all the times I have heard her pray that she prayed to God and not God AND Jesus Christ. She finally understands the difference. The second she started her prayer the spirit filled the room so thick it was almost tangible. I started crying of course and then halfway through she stopped, and had to gather herself because she was crying too. After the prayer she told us that this is the first time she has felt the spirit like this in all the years she has been meeting with missionaries. I love this woman SO MUCH!!!! I want her to be happy with every fiber of my soul! I am so happy for her that she is finally feeling what we have only been able to tell her about up until now. She is FEELING the gospel change her life. It is moments like that that make all the freezing cold hours of "kekko desu" (no thank you) SO WORTH IT!!
I love being a missionary! I love Japan and these people are so awesome. I love every single one of them including the grandmas with neon hair and the harajuku girls who look like china dolls from a Gwen Stefani music video. I know I am where I am supposed to be!!!
I love you all!!
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