Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

Ok so it is 2012! Weird! One of the families in our Japanese ward had us over and showed us some legit Japanese New Year traditions! It was so fun! The little girls were all in kimonos and we had a tea ceremony and wrote kanji with paint brushes and then had a traditional Japanese meaLl! Definitely a time I will never forget. THE MEMBERS ROCK HERE!

Today is a holiday in Japan so all the streets were blocked off in the main part of Shibuya and they had street performers and stuff everywhere. it was really cool!! there were a gajillion people everywhere! I went shopping with my companion and I loved it. No mission is going to change my love for shopping! Haha. The other week I got asked to participate in a musical number for when Dallin H. Oaks comes to the mission to speak to us missionaries so obvi I needed a new outfit! haha (yes, I am still the same ol same ol Ariel. Just missionary Ariel)

In other news... Funny story: So we were on the train on new years eve and we met this girl from china. She freaked out that we were christians and loved it so we got her information and later called her up. We set a time to meet her and we were SO EXCITED!!! So we were at dinner, talking, teaching, and it was all going great! We were so excited, we set up another appointment to teach her and it was awesome. Obvi this is all in Japanese so I didn't fully understand. We get back to the apartment and that night our district leader does the nightly call and I am telling him about our new investigator. I was like yeah she is so cool and her religion is called Ehovana Shonin. What is that in english? and he goes oh! She's a Jehovah's Witness. HAHAHAHA I was like.... oh. hahahahaha this is going to be interesting. SO she had told us earlier that she wanted to share with us her religion too. THIS WILL BE FUN. HAHAHA ohhhh the joys of not understanding Japanese....

HA! Anyway... that's my story for the week! There are really awesome things happening in Shibuya! We are getting really good relationships with the members and it is paying off. I love this people so much. I am seriously going to sob whenever I get transferred.



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