Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

First of all, good news for the week, I FOUND CHIPOTLE IN TOKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I mean it is called frijoles (see attached photo) but it is JUST like Chipotle. I was seriously making the biggest scene and the workers didn't know what to do with me. I was so happy! Got a huge burrito and enjoyed every second of it.

In other news, it is snowing today. Seriously many times while I am doing missionary stuff I think, I WISH my family could see me right now. Today riding my bike in the snow was one of those times. Seriously hilarious.
Let's see... OH!! this is unique beyond measure, this week we somehow got roped into this charity guitar slash clown concert thing that I can't really explain but it was literally 6 missionaries and like 3 other members watching this unique couple perform their talents. yep I believe in my journal I described it as an event involving a handicapped couple with the purpose of creating awareness of their disabilities, a guitar, Japanese sign language, a clown costume, a bird, spinning plates in between toes (picture attached), and singing like a cat. (don't doubt I got a short video of that). Anyways it was one of those times where you just smile and join in on the fun. I seriously wish I could tell some of these stories in person because they are golden. That will have to be saved for another time though. Like in 1 year! Ps how crazy is it I have already been out for almost 6 months!!!???!!!

This week I taught my companion, one of my investigators, and an Eikaiwa (english class) student the phrase, "You're the bomb" they think it is sooo cool and it is hilarious to hear them say it. I also taught my companion totes, babygurl, and ummmmmmmm eww. (that one is especially funny).
So this month in the Liahona there is an article about George Albert Smith. He is the prophet who's teachings we are studying this year in Relief Society and Priesthood. He was a man who lived what he knew. I love reading about him! There was an example in the article of him bringing lemonade out to the street workers near his house despite the fact that they were yelling swear words and being gross. Hearing this story made me think of my parents. Growing up I watched and experienced so many times my dad endlessly and selflessly befriending and serving those who most people would never take the time to know or talk to, let alone serve. Most of his kind acts went unnoticed but that is what he preferred. Then I think of my angel mother's example. I recall her sending me running our to the garbage men early in summer mornings when it was already 100 degrees at 8am, with a tall glass of ice water and making sure I said a simple, "thank you for taking our garbage!" It was experiences like those that helped me come to know my Savior. You can read about the Savior all day but until you go out and try to emulate His example, you aren't really a follower of Him dessho? I definitely learned more from my parents actions and Christlike example of silently serving others than I could every properly thank them for. As George Albert Smith so eloquently put it: "Kindness is the power that God has given us to unlock hard hearts and subdue stubborn sould." I love that! Kindness is like magic.
Anyway, I love all of you. I really do. Kiss my nephews and niece for me.
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