Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2011

Another week in the life of a Sister Missionary:
It has actually only been a few days but hello again! Since we last spoke (we didn't really speak butlikewhatever), I spoke in sacrament meeting, gave the lesson in Young Womens, and ate Indo Curry. Nothing too crazy.

 It was cool though because after sacrament meeting one of the members came up to me and thanked me for my talk and told me that his wife really needed to hear the message I spoke about. It was cool for me because the day before I was going through my study journal to figure out what to speak on and I read one line of one entry and got such a strong strong strong feeling that I should talk on that subject. So I did of course and before I went up to speak I just prayed that the Spirit would speak to who ever needed that message at that time. It was just a huge testimony to me that the Lord cares about us on a very individual basis. That talk subject could have been JUST for that one sister because the Lord cares about her. as an individual. I know that is so true!! Our Savior loves and cares about all of us individually!

So today we were going to go to Meiji Jingu which is a famous Buddhist shrine in my area but it is totes raining so we can't.... Transfer calls are on Friday and I REALLY want to stay in Shibuya because I am obsessed with it and I don't want to leave these people!!! We will see if I am staying or going! Nevertheless, I shall serve where the Lord wants me to serve!  

Yesterday it was raining too and I had my first experience with riding my bike in the rain with my huge rain suit on. It was hilarious. It is freezing cold so I had like 20 layers on and then over the top of all of that I had rain pants and a rain coat. I could barely walk I looked like a monster. I was laughing the whole time I was biking.

To explain the picture: I don't know if I have already written about this so sorry if I did... The fish is from a bentou given to us from a lady in the English branch. A bentou btw is like a little to-go box of food.. anyway this lady works for the ambassador for the Dominican Republic so every year she gets to go to the emporor's palace for a celebration and they always give away a bentou. She didn't want it so she gave it to us missionaries to eat. She told us it was worth over $10,000 American dollars. I tried everything in it and it was all disgusting but my companion of course enjoyed it because she is Japanese. Anyway this terrifying fish was in it. It legit has eyes and teeth. I had to take a pic.
LOVE YOU ALL!!! Tune in next week!
Swainston Shimai

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