Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

So this past week may or may not have been one of the longest of my life. Yes, I have been stuck in the apartment. ALL the day long. Except for going to church and to eikaiwa and stuff. So I was thinking last week after the accident, God has a purpose for all things, I am going to make the best of this situation and do with it what God would have me do. SO I got our cell phone and I called the world in our ward and asked the bishop and ward mission leader and stuff for permission and we were able to get 8 different sisters in the ward at different times during the week to come and do splits with us so that my companion could go out and dendou with one member and then I would stay behind at the apartment and talk with them about Preach My Gospel or how to introduce their friends to the church or I would practice teaching lessons with them. It was so amazing to see my ward come together and help us out like that. The picture I attached is of me and two of the members who came. I am laying in my bed (yes it is mobile because we sleep on futons) that we brought into our study room and I have been imprisoned in it.
So I have been working with Sister Budge and the mission office to figure out another hospital to go to and we figured out that we had to go back to the hospital that I first went to to get a reccomendation from the doctor and to get copies of my xrays. When we went the doctor checked my foot and my pain had spread so he had me take another xray. When he looked at the new xray he said the bone is fine. Of course xrays can only see bones and not ligaments or tendons so we aren't sure about those. So Sister Budge contacted a doctor on the American military base who is actually a member of the church and he then called me and we set up an appointment to go see him tomorrow. So tomorrow I will go to the military base in Yokosuka.
So, I am in high spirits. My pain is almost 100% gone and I am hoping for a very speedy recovery so I can work HARD until the end of my mission. Christmas is coming up and I want to get out there and start caroling again!
Thank you for all of your love, care, and prayers!
Love you!!!
p.s. When I get home, remind me to tell you what I received this week as a Christmas present from and Eikaiwa student.

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