Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012

A birthday in Japan, better than I could have EVER imagined!!!
The fact that I am 22 right not but really not 22 yet because I was born in America and time is different… idk idk really confusing BUT I feel old nonetheless.
So for my birthday I have had A LOT of fun!! Attached is a picture of a picture (sorry) of the purikura that my companion and I took today. I am obsessed with purikura so naturally that was included in the birthday festivities.
Yesterday at church I received more birthday presents than I have ever received in my life from members in the ward. I wanted to cry I was so touched!! Most of them involve food so now you know the source of the extra poundage I seem to find daily.
Today for my birthday we went to some AMAZING food places all around Utsunomiya including a bread shop that has the best croissant I have ever put into my mouth. We took some purikura and met some UNIQUE people on the streets as we did our dendo time.
Yesterday we were at church and in walks this woman from off the street saying she wanted to check out our church. We gave her a Book of Mormon and like that she was off! It was SO COOL!!! I think that was my birthday gift from God.
As you know, Saturday was Cinco de Mayo. (I miss Mexican food like it’s my job) so my companion and I made some Mexican tacos that were DELICIOUS and had a mini fiesta during our lunch time.
Sorry this email was so short slash random but since we did a lot of playing today for my birthday I didn’t have much time!!
Love you all! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!
Sister Swainston

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