Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

This week has been magical. I will just illustrate one story. But before I do the picture attached is with a new investigator we have whom we call beautiful nail. thats all. Now for the story.
Ok so we had a plan to go to Nikko (famous place with japanese shrines and stuff) with a girl we met at a community potluck party thing a while ago. We had no idea how the day was going to go. So she pulls up and runs into 7-11 to go to the bathroom and tells us to get into the car. We open the car doors and first of all there is music blaring and second of all it smells like smoke. So we get in and we are like OH NO!! what do we do what do we do it's Backstreet Boys playing, I know every word, what do I do what do I do. We were laughing SO hard. Then she gets back into the car and within one minute starts asking us about church and missionary work and stuff. So we were like testifying of prophets to the soft sounds of Larger Than Life in the background nbd. It was the BEST. By the time she was dropping us off at home she was telling us that (first of all she felt the spirit) and she wants to become a nicer person and she feels like her heart is starting to change and her thoughts and ideas are changing too. She told us that being with us was like study for her and she wants to be like us. Needless to say it was a dream. I could have never thought up teaching someone about the gospel to the sound track of BSB with no ther than Mano shimai as my companion. Wouldn't want it any other way!!!
Ok so this week in district meeting we were given a questionnaire and I thought it was really cool so I wanted to share a couple of them. One question was, What does the gospel mean to you personally? My answer: Impossible to put into words. pass. JKJKJK The gospel means that there is a purpose to all things. It means there is a way to overcome all pains and heartache and guilt etc. It means this life is not IT. It means there is indescribable joy awaiting us if we just hold on and do our best. It means there is so much more to life than the menial tasks of society. I guess a better way to answer this question might be, What DOESN'T the gospel mean to me personally?
Not much time so I will share more next week! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
ps. shoutout to the Whitney Ranch ward this lovely fast Sunday: Dear Ward, please call up your missionaries, invite them over for a nice meal. When the meal is over talk with them about people in your life who are in need of the gospel. After that, SHARE IT. Share the joy. Help your missionaries. It is them you should be helping YOU do missionary work. Not the other way around. The Lord will bless you even more than He already is. LOVE YOU!!!

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