Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 2, 2012

Okay that's enough Japanese... haha it still takes me 75 years to type in Japanese. SOOOOOOO I don't know how else to break this to all of you but, yesterday or Saturday, my beautiful, lovely, cutie bike named Basil was STOLEN. (R.I.P.) And nope, this is not an April fools joke. She was taken from right under my nose at our apartment building even though I locked it and everything. Also my helmet was stolen with it.. (don't know why they would want that.. missionaries are the only people who wear helmets..) So yes, we came downstairs on Sunday morning to go to our meetings and low and behold, my bike was not to be found! All the other 27 bikes parked next to it were still there though don't worry. SO we walked to church. Not that far, only a couple miles I think. BUT the moral of the story is, it didn't even get me down! I could have been really mad slash sad slash depressed that my bike was stolen but instead I was just like, OK! at least I am alive and get to go partake of the sacrament! The mission office is sending me a bike that one of the missionaries who recently went home used. In the meantime, I am currently using a bike of a sweet sweet grandma in our ward. It is called a mamachatti and it's what all the grandmas ride and I look hilarious riding it with a helmet and all!
Enough about that, the attached picture is from today. We had a zone p-day in a place called Oizumi. It is a place in Japan that is more like Brazil than Japan. There are SO MANY Brazilians living there and we always have Brazilians who are called to Japan serving in that area. (pictured are my companion and I and our Brazilian missionary friends) Yes, I do understand that I am whiter than you could have ever imagined I could get but I assure you that the sun is slowly but surely warming up Japan. Anyway we had a Brazilian barbeque that was AMAZING. We had it at a park and the second picture is our whole zone on this abnormally long slide they had there. P.S. all the Japanese children there were seriously confused as to why a huge group of foreigners were taking over their playground. Also, I may or may not have taught a few of the elders a cheer that I remembered from my middle school days. (no I was not a cheerleader I just know all the cheers) THAT video will have to be an after mission moment to be shared. Get excited.
In other news, on Sunday after Conference, (yes we watch it a week late here) ( and yes I did hear about Elder Archuletta, got 20 emails from my sweet little sisters), our beloved, investigator FUKUDA san will be getting BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally I'm like shaking just thinking about it. He is an ANGEL!!!! I LOVE HIM and cannot wait for him to receive all the blessings from baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. This will be my first baptism on my mission to someone I have taken part in teaching. I feel like my own child is getting baptized. So, the work moves forward here, I am literally so excited for conference I could pee my pants, and I love you all very very much!!!
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p.s. My companion and I can't read kanji so you could say we bought clothes softener the other week thinking it was detergent and used it for a week before we figured out it actually was NOT washing our clothes. THAT was hilarious to find out. #gaijinmoment

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