Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 25, 2012

Dear world,

Greetings once again from Atlantis! Another strange, exciting, confusing, week in the mission field!

Let's start off with explaining the attatched photo. This is a 23 year old girl in our ward. She has the mind of a 5 year old and is HILARIOUS. For example, yesterday during the ward musical number, she SPRINTED to the front, grabbed the conducting baton and in perfect rhythm helped out the ward choir director. When she was done with that, as she was walking back to her seat she stopped at every member and said (in Japanese) (and in a very loud voice) YOU ARE FUKUDA KYODAI (Brother Fukuda) as she poked him in the shoulder. Then proceeded to do that to everyone down the row. After sacrament, I was privelaged to meet this little ball of joy. She came right on up to me and grabbed my face and hugged me for like 2 minutes, snuggled her face into mine cheek to cheek, let go for one second and then did it all over again like 5 times. I taught her to say totes and snap her fingers at the same time in a sassy way. so for the rest of the day every time I saw her she did it like 10 times. I LOVE HER!!!!

So we met this guy Skywalker, he was an investigator a while ago and never got baptized so we kind of resurrected him as an investigator. BTW he goes by skywalker because he is obsessed with Star Wars. We tell him to come over to the light side every day. Anyway, he invited us to come to this international potluck thing for the community so we came and we would be talking to people and every single time anything would come up about missionaries and like or lifestyle and rules and stuff this random guy would pop up and recite every single thing about us (keep in mind, perfectly accurate too) we were like, WHO ARE YOU? why do you keep just appearing out of no where?!!?!?! Come to find out, his old girlfriend was a mormon. So, naturally I asked him why he wasn't baptized, he said I dont know and then proceeded to tell me about his teddy bear that he was carrying around with him. Ohhh the people you meet on a mission!

OHHHH!!! and there was this little girl there named Hana who knew every single word IN ENGLISH to all of the Disney songs. You could say she and I performed a little duet of A Whole New World. She was Jasmine and I was Aladdin. She kept getting mad at me every time I sang her part on accident. It was the bomb.

Last but not least, our investigator Fukuda san IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been praying and fasting and praying some more for this man and yesterday in our lesson through a series of miracles, a strong power of the Holy Ghost and an AMAZING member who was teaching with us, Fukuda san is getting baptized on EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED I CANT BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord truly does answer prayers!!!

I LOVE being a missionary!! Eat a burrito for me!!!


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