Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hello all!!!!
Sorry my email didn't send properly last week! I guess you just get two today! So this week has been nuts!! So much has happened! First and foremost, FUKUDA SAN GOT BAPTISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best. day. ever. (see attached picture) this man is hilarious I love him to death. His baptism was after conference on Sunday and it was so beautiful. My companion and I sang and the ward like freaked out and then asked us to full on sing and encore. Fukuda san got up to bear his testimony after and it was so sweet! He was so nervous so he was speaking 100 miles per hour therefore I had no idea what he was saying BUT I felt like a proud mom. Literally I wish I could explain the feeling of seeing someone you love so much finally step into the waters of baptism in a dedication to follow Christ.
Let's talk about conference..... HELLO IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My companion and I were the only ones listening in English so we were in a little classroom of the church watching all by ourselves. It was pretty fun! Definitely one of those, wow, I'm in Japan moments. (I get those like daily). I especially liked David. F. Evans' talk. He has such missionary work fire!!! You could say my companion and I hi-fived upon hearing him talk about how we should write our missionaries real life letters thinking maybe this will be a hope of getting something in our mailbox... **winkwink... But seriously I am obsessed with conference. I sat there listening to President Monson speak and when he said, "tenderly, the master speaks to ALL, Come back, Come home, Come unto me." I thought these are literally words from Him. From Jesus Christ himself. He is quite literally calling us to come home to Him. That is the purpose fo this life. To come unto our Savior and be sanctified by His love. It hit me really hard as I hear a literal prophet of God speak the words of the Lord unto us in the most direct method we have here on earth besides prayer. I KNOW that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God with all the authority the Savior has given to him passed down throught prophets alike. I know this because I just received a witness from the Holy Ghost toughing my soul and re-affirming a truth I have known for a long time and knew long ago when I was in heaven living with my Heavenly Father. AHHH!!! I love this gospel!!! p.s. HAPPY EASTER!!!! Japan doesn't know what Easter is so we celebrated with conference and today an elder gave me two chocolate reese's eggs which I almost cried at how amazing they were.  
Moving on, today we went to a place called Nikko for p-day. (google it) It is one of the most famous destinations in Japan for shrines and temples and stuff. It was GORGEOUS. It is in my area so we took a train on up there that looks like the Hogwarts express. It was really fun! Japan is literally soooo beautiful!
That is all I have for this week! Sorry if it takes me 27 years to write you back! We don't have much time these days which is a good thing! The work moves on!!
Swainston shimai

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