Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Attention everyone: I rode a bike today for the first time since NOVEMBER. Yes, I am out of shape. Yes, I did almost die riding up my first hill. Little rusty. Don't worry I'll get back into the swing of things.
Okay so don't feel weird that I sent you a picture of a meal at McDonalds. I just wanted you to see how small hamburgers are here. That was a "Mega-Mac", the Big-Mac's fat older brother. I ate that today (so much for looking like a normal human by the time I get home. workin on it. promise!) anyway I was thinking the "Mega-Mac" would be huge so ordered it and then it was accidentally the size of like a kid's meal cheeseburger. So then I took a picture.
I also included a picture of Fernando with the Elders who are in the same area as me right now. (Elder Crandall, Elder Clark). Fernando is a recent convert with an incredible testimony and fire to share the gospel. He is in his 60s and from Peru so he doesn't speak much Japanese but I do my best in Spanish. How CUTE is he?!?! Everytime I see him I wanna cry because he is so adorable. He still has the right after baptism glow.
Today one of the members in the ward left of his mission and I literally felt like one of my brothers was leaving for his mission when I was saying goodbye to him. He's the one in the third picture kneeling on the floor making a kissy face. Seriously I love Yachiyo Ward like they are my literal family. These people mean SO much to me!!!!
Okay like I have to go plan for tomorrow so talk to you next week!!

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