Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hello all!
Picture number one is a picture of me today eating pig tongue. We went to a buffett like place and it was amazing. It had everything you could imagine. Including a cotton candy machine. Picture number two is of this CUTE little girl in my ward who I am obsessed with. She wore a kimono because it was the first Sunday of the new year. New years is a big deal to these people.
In other news, this morning I taught my companion the word holla. It wasn't the easiest explaining to her when it is used. Let's just say it feels good teaching a Japanese companion to be ghetto again. I love it. Also we have been doing morning exercise to a pop-ed up primary song CD called popcorn bopping (thanks to Uncle Brent and Aunt Melodie!!!!) and we are learning a rap from it. Be looking forward to a video of that.
Yesterday was fast Sunday and like every person in our ward got up and bore their testimony. (it's a small ward) But I have to say that I love these people so much they are amazing. You would be shocked at the amount of faith and love they have. One member went housing with us yesterday it was the bomb.
I LOVE missionary work!!!
Love you!

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