Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hello all!
This week has been really fun! Nothing crazy, just a normal week of dendo but it is so fun! We have met some really interesting people on the streets and housing. The other day we were housing and this man told us for like 10 minutes about why he hates religion and then asked us to give up and go home. We also met this girl in front of a park close to our church and we taught her about the Savior and the Restoration and the spirit was really strong. Then right there on the street we prayed together and after we were done she was like "thank you for those warm words". She for sure felt the spirit. Every single time I get to teach and testify of the Restoration I feel the spirit so strong and I feel a joy that I can't really put into words. I LOVE it!!
This week one of our Eikaiwa students taught us how to make soba which is a Japanese noodle. I attached a couple of pics of that. I had to take a model pic of my cute apron. I also attached a pic of a sunset that we saw the other day. Sunsets are beautiful here. I have like a thousand pictures of them.
In other news, there actually is none. Just know I am happy, enjoying learning through the good and the bad how to better rely on my Savior to do things I clearly cannot do myself. The work is moving. No matter if I can see immediate results every day or not. I love my Savior!!!
love you!

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